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The Citadel
Baba Qaltan Rolling Shrine
Tombs of the Queen, Her Husband & Children.
Khoja Abullahi Ansari Shrine Complex
Ansari Shrine Entrance
Ansari Cemetery
Ansari Tomb
Masjet-e-jam, The Blue Mosque of Herat
Inner Courtyard
Mosaics On Mosaics
Inside Blue Mosque
Mausoleum of Queen Gowhar Shad
The Queen's Minarets
Rotunda Wall Painting
Rotunda Chandelier
Lifesize Mujahadeen Figures
The Jihad Museum
Mujahadeen Portrait Hall
Uprising in Sun
The Uprising in Shade
Russian Tank Graveyard
Mujahadeen Cemetery
Dead Tanks Everywhere
The Jihad Museum #2
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Shrines, Memorials, Monuments
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