If You Know Where Your
Sale Lives, Direct Mail is the
Best Way to Knock on the Door.
It's not magic. Place a name and address on a
communication for a timely product or service that
satisfies a genuine need at an attractive price and
you'll have a sale. Direct mail is that simple, and that
precise. E-mail works the same way. Only it's easier.
Postcards Work
A single direct mail package
of letter, 2-sided data sheet
and PR release yielded a
50% response on a product
with a $5K price point. The
conversion to sale ratio was
also 50%, Each sale was for
multiple units. It happens.
The Best Results
Can Be Achieved
From a Well
Placed Letter,
at the Right Time,
with the Right Offer
Intel & Acer Invited Friends to
Breakfast, All of Them
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