Searching For Food
Boy at Work
Three and One-Half Months in Herat
Between August and November, 2007, after briefly
passing through Kabul, I resided in Herat, the third
largest city in Afghanistan, situated in the northwest
quadrant of the country and within 50 miles of Iran
to the west. Turkmenistan, formerly Russia, lies 70
miles due north. Ancient Herat is on the Silk Road
and touches the northernmost beginnings of the
notorious Ring Road, the road to Kandahar.
Through the turmoil of 30 years of constant
conflict the country has managed to maintain its
unique culture and character. Though surrounded
by poverty, the warmth and hospitality are more
the custom than the exception.

Beautiful people, laughing children.
Citadel of Alexander the Great
Wool Spinner
Wrapping Turban
Hotel Serena, Kabul
Masjet-e-jam, The Blue Mosque
Toddlers Seeking Food
Kite Maker & Son
Afghan Ice Cream Plant
The Carpet Seller
Children & AK-47
Minarets of Herat
Great Wall of Kabul
Shrine of Sufi Poet
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Grey Eyes
Proud Father
Village Meeting
Defying Russia Memorial
Boy Horseman
Frisk Fruit
Real Afghan Food
Hello America
Grape Men
120-Day Wind of Herat
Legumes, etc.
Family at Shrine
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"Buckner's adventure becomes a fascinating
look at a country and a people many of us
know nothing about...."    -Peg 'O My Heart-

"...unique, insightful, and humorous."
-M. Powers-

"...will give you a real view of life in a
centuries old traditonally dangerous city
close to the Iranian border."  -O.G. Lee-

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