If it Makes Sense to
Sell it Somewhere,
Sell it Everywhere.
When an investment in 100K prospects yields an
ROI of 5:1, reaching the other 900K has got to be
the right thing to do. Virtually all of the programs
in which you participate may involve a variety of
media to communicate the right message.
Brochure, Mailing/Fulfillment Piece
Web Site

Intel Teach to the Future
An Intel, Microsoft, OEM program.
Tangent project elements are:
Program Brochure
Web Site
Direct Mail Package
E-mail Blasts
Eight vendors participate.
Tangent systems account for
~78% of all computers sold.
Direct Mail Package
And PR.
Least Expensive,
Highly Effective.
The editors of virtually
every publication, print and
online, are looking for
products and services that
will be of interest to their
readership. You don't have
to sell them on the merits of
your offering. They'll know it
when they see it. You just
have to present it in a way
that makes your product or
service stand out. And
that's what we do.
Feature Articles
(i.e. PC Magazine, above)

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PR Releases
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