Jay Buckner is a writer. From Silicon Valley to Northern Virginia, Jay Buckner has been intimately
    involved in marketing for more than two decades, including tenure as the senior marketing officer in
    the Americas for the third largest PC manufacturer in the world, and a stint as a director of marketing
    for the largest reseller to the federal government. Though some of his marketing organizations have
    employed outside resources during peak workloads, as well as to obtain other points of view, Jay has
    maintained significant in-house capability in virtually all of his positions, a direct contributor serving as
    creative director managing Web, media, creative, and PR staffs on-site. The work you see on these
    pages is a result of that effort: strategy, concepts, content, production, and implementation. Buckner's
    contribution and involvement remain hands-on, the written word.

540 222-9530
Curriculum Vitae
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Buckner is actively involved in public sector and public
service programs. He served as the director of the first
USAID sponsored agriculture fair in Herat, Afghanistan.

For more than twenty years Jay ran his own agency in
New York before relocating to northern California to
have the west coast experience that every New Yorker
should enjoy. He moved back east to be closer to family
and to take advantage of the quality of life to be found
in the Blue Ridge Mountains alongside the beautiful
Shenandoah Valley, where the scenery compares quite
favorably to anything in the west. Jay continues his
passion for his work and now adds the pleasures of
sharing the woods with creatures that were never to be
seen in his native New York City.